“Sloane and I had surgery at 24 weeks.”

Q: What is your SB Warrior’s name?

A: Sloane

Q: Where do you live?

A: Idaho

Q: What type of SB does she have?

A: Myeloschesis L4-sacrum

Q: How can we continue to follow your story?

A: Facebook Erica Klein Guymon or IG Mrs. EricaKleinGuymon


My name is Erica and my daughter was diagnosed at 20 weeks. I am a nurse for an imaging center. My radiologists were the ones that had to break the news to me. My husband is also in healthcare as a respiratory therapist. Neither of us knew much of anything about Spina Bifida. But we began our research. We found the team at Children’s Hospital Colorado after being disqualified for fetal surgery from Texas Children’s and UCSF. We had to relocate from Idaho to Colorado leaving our 4 year-old son behind with family. Sloane and I had surgery at 24 weeks. We are currently 34 weeks and my c section is scheduled on October 29 at 37 weeks! Her Chiari has reversed, the patch on her back seems to be healing very well according to imaging, my fluid levels are staying good, and her ventricles remain normal in size. I can’t wait to meet my little warrior in a few short weeks.


UPDATE:  This is little Sloane.  She was born on 10/20/18 and everyone is doing well!

I can’t believe what Sloane and her mommy have been through together already.  This family has done everything they could do to set Sloane up for success just like all those Spina Bifida families out there!  It’s so amazing to see.

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Hey there! I'm Kristin. I live in the beautiful Seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH with my hubby Matt and our rescue pup Charlie. I was born with Spina Bifida and made this website in hopes that I would reach other people going through the same difficult things as I have and also to inspire others to embrace their differences and live Spina-Beautifully!