Spina Bifida is not a death sentence. It doesn’t have to define you!


Q:Where do you live?

A: New Jersey

Q: How old is Riley?

A: She’s 10 months old

Q: What type of Spina Bifida does Riley have?

A:She has Myelomeningocele lesion L4-L5 and also Hydrocephalus that was caused by Spina Bifida.

Q: How can we continue to follow Riley’s story?

A: follow me on instagram @c.cameron3

What is your story?

Spina Bifida doesn’t define Riley. It doesn’t define our family. It made our family stronger.  When we heard those words “your child has a birth defect called Spina Bifida” and all the terrifying things that come along with it, we began to question ourselves as parents. We questioned our life with a baby with challenges, and we asked ourselves a million times WHY?

Let me tell you, Spina Bifida isn’t a death sentence. It’s a blessing in disguise. These babies are filled with so much joy, so much determination, and they consistently defeat the odds. Our little warriors taught us so much. How to truly love, how to stay positive, and how to never give up.  She has been through five surgeries but never seizes to smile and be the happy bundle of joy she is.  So remember that question we asked ourselves a million times….

“WHY” well because we needed this little warrior to change our lives for the better. She’s our hero! Spina Bifida may sound scary but all those scary feelings eventually become a memory and the joy and love for our angels last forever!IMG_7064

Riley's mom so perfectly explains what it is like to hear the news of having a child with 
disabilities. It is scary but it doesn't have to define your child or your families life. Even 
as I read her story I can't believe what she has gone through in her short life, all with this 
little rockstar attitude. You can feel her mom's passion for her baby in this story and it proves that the positives outweigh the negatives by a 
million. GO RILEY!!

We share Riley's story to hopefully help other 
parents realize that their little Spina Bifida 
Warrior does have a bright future!



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Kristin Marquis

Hey there! I'm Kristin. I live in the beautiful Seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH with my hubby Matt and our rescue pup Charlie. I was born with Spina Bifida and made this website in hopes that I would reach other people going through the same difficult things as I have and also to inspire others to embrace their differences and live Spina-Beautifully!